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Effects of a Supplement Containing Apoaequorin on Verbal Learning in Older Adults in the Community

Effects of a Supplement Containing Apoaequorin on Verbal Learning in Older Adults in the Community

We designed this study to assess the effects of our supplement of apoaequorin on verbal learning and working memory. The current study was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Participants were 218 community-dwelling adults, aged 40-91 years, with self-reported memory concerns. The results indicated a strong relationship between apoaequorin and improvements on a quantitative measure of cognitive function, specifically verbal learning.
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One Card Learning

Effects Of The Calcium Binding Protein Apoaequorin On Memory And Cognitive Function In Older Adults

Effects of Calcium Binding Protein Apoaequorin

A sample of 218 adults, aged 40 to 91 years, with self-reported memory concerns were randomly assigned to receive either apoaequorin or a matched placebo. The apoaequorin arm (10 mg oral) showed a statistically significant improvement in a number of different measures of cognitive function, including executive function, visual and verbal learning, and memory.* Significant improvements were seen on a number of different tasks from the CogState Research Battery. Data was presented/published in 2011 at the ICAD/AAIC in Paris, France.
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Prevagen Quality of Life Study: Memory Test Scores Improved*

Impact of Prevagen on Memory

The Prevagen Quality of Life Study was an open-label study of 56 generally healthy participants over a 90 day period measuring perceived changes in overall cognition and general health. Changes in performance were measured via a standardized battery of questions. The results of the study show improved performance across all parameters.
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Safety Assessment Of Apoaequorin*

Food and Chemical Toxicology

Dosing in the animal study was the equivalent of 4,000 times the recommended daily amount of Prevagen 10mg and 2,000 times the recommended daily amount of Prevagen Extra Strength 20mg. There was No Observed Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL) at the highest dose. Research was conducted by Eurofins/Product Safety Labs under the advisement of Soni and Associates, Inc. Funding provided by Quincy Bioscience.

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Safety Assessment Of Apoaequorin*

Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology

Apoaequorin is not expected to have any significant risk of allergic cross-reactivity for those who are allergic to known allergens. We conducted a bioinformatics assessment of apoaequorin against known allergens and a laboratory test to asses potential allergenicity by simulating gastric digestion of apoaequorin’s amino acid sequence. These tests are considered highly predictive of a protein’s allergenic potential. The results from the bioinformatics searches with the apoaequorin sequence show that it is not a known allergen and not likely to cross-react with known allergens. Research was conducted by Goodman group at Food Allergy Research and Resource Program at University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE. Funding provided by Quincy Bioscience.
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Ongoing Research Partnership

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Neuroscience

Quincy Bioscience has had a long standing sponsored research agreement with the UWM Neuroscience department and the laboratory of Dr. James R. Moyer. The UWM lab has provided critical insight into the interaction between apoaequorin and hippocampal neurons in animal models. The lab has published and presented several papers at international neuroscience conferences related to apoaequorin and its functionality.

Aging and how Prevagen® can help

In the United States, 10,000 baby boomers turn 50 every day. And although a touch of gray hair can look distinguished, there are other age-related issues that may be unwanted, such as the normal memory loss associated with aging. Your brain is made up of many small cells, and controls everything you do. Prevagen with the patented ingredient apoaequorin supports healthy brain function.*

Researchers have discovered that Apoaequorin actually supports healthy brain function*

Recently, scientists made a significant breakthrough in brain health with the discovery that apoaequorin can support healthy brain function.*

Prevagen Supports:

Healthy Brain Function*

Apoaequorin was originally discovered in one of nature’s simplest organisms — the jellyfish.

Sharper Mind*

Now produced in a scientific process, researchers formulated Apoaequorin into a product called Prevagen®. Prevagen is shown to help with mild memory problems associated with aging.*

Better Memory*

Prevagen supplements the brain during the natural process of aging to keep your brain healthy. Prevagen comes in an easy to swallow capsule or a convenient chewable form.

Clearer Thinking*

Just how well does Prevagen work? In a computer assessed, double-blinded, placebo controlled study, over a 90 day period, the subjects scores improved.*