View our research and studies on Prevagen®

Prevagen® significantly improves memory*

Prevagen improves cognitive performance

In a large three month double-blind, placebo-controlled study of participants over 40 years old who were experiencing some mild memory problems associated with aging, the Prevagen group significantly supported areas of cognitive function such as learning and word recall.*

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Prevagen improves memory in a 90 day study*

Impact of Prevagen on Memory

A majority of study participants reported Prevagen noticeably improved practical areas of memory like remembering driving directions and recalling words in a conversation in 90 days.

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Prevagen improves the quality of sleep*

Prevagen Improves Sleep

Over 90 days, people who reported sleeping seven hours per night or less, increased their amount of sleep by an average of 37 minutes per night. In addition, these people experienced fewer wake-ups during the night, on average.*

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Research and Studies on Prevagen

As we age, we lose about 85,000 brain cells each day.

Aging and how Prevagen® can help

In the United States, 10,000 baby boomers turn 50 every day. And although a touch of gray hair can look distinguished, there are other age-related issues that may be unwanted, such as the mild memory problems associated with aging. Your brain is made up of many small cells, and controls everything you do. To stay healthy your brain contains proteins that support brain health.

As we age, the body’s ability to naturally produce this protein slows down. When this happens you may start to experience difficulty with memory, focus and concentration. Prevagen helps support brain cells by supplementing the proteins with the patented ingredient apoaequorin and supports healthier brain function.*

Researchers have discovered a protein that actually supports healthy brain function*

For many years, researchers have known that the human brain loses cells throughout our lives, part of the natural process of aging. In fact, we lose about 85,000 brain cells per day, that is one per second, over 31 million brain cells every year! This impacts every aspect of your life … how you think and how you feel. Recently, scientists made a significant breakthrough in brain health with the discovery that apoaequorin can support healthy brain function, help you have a sharper mind and think clearer.*

Prevagen Supports:

Healthy Brain Function*

Apoaequorin is in the same family of proteins as those found in humans, but it was originally discovered in one of nature’s simplest organisms — the jellyfish.

Sharper Mind*

Now produced in a scientific process, researchers formulated this vital protein into a product called Prevagen®. Prevagen is clinically shown to help with mild memory problems associated with aging.*

Better Memory*

This type of protein is vital and found naturally in the human brain and nervous system. As we age we can’t make enough of them to keep up with the brain’s demands. Prevagen supplements these proteins during the natural process of aging to keep your brain healthy. Prevagen comes in an easy to swallow capsule. It has no significant side effects and will not interact with your current medication.

Clearer Thinking*

Just how well does Prevagen work? In a computer assessed, double-blinded, placebo controlled study, Prevagen improved memory for most subjects within 90 days.*