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Supports a Healthier Brain, Sharper Mind & Clearer Thinking*

As we age, we lose proteins that support our brain.* Prevagen® supplements these proteins during the natural process of aging.* Prevagen® (apoaequorin) is clinically shown to help with mild memory problems associated with aging.*

Only Prevagen contains the patented ingredient apoaequorin, a unique protein originally obtained from a specific species of jellyfish called Aequorea victoria found in the Puget Sound. Apoaequorin is a protein our brains need for healthy function but is diminished in the aging process.

Jim’s Story

I had such a positive experience from Prevagen that I would urge anybody to at least try it.

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Current Studies

Current Studies

Discover the breakthrough research being done on Prevagen.

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About Prevagen

About Prevagen

Prevagen supports a healthier brain, sharper mind and clearer thinking.*

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What is Prevagen?

Prevagen (Pronounced: prev-uh-gen) is a new brain health supplement made by Quincy Bioscience and functions unlike other brain or memory supplements.* The main ingredient is a patented protein called “apoaequorin” which was originally found in a certain species of jellyfish.

Prevagen was tested in a large double-blind, placebo-controlled study using computers to assess brain performance. 218 adults over 40 years old participated in the three month study. Prevagen significantly improved learning and word recall.* Clinically tested and shown to improve mild memory problems that occur in aging.*

As we age, the body’s ability to naturally produce this protein slows down. When this happens you begin to lose about 30,000 brain cells every day, and may start to experience difficulty with memory, focus and concentration. Prevagen helps support brain cells by supplementing the proteins and supports healthier brain function.*