Nobel prize in chemistry

Apoaequorin (Pronounced: ā-poe-ē-kwôr-ĭn) was first discovered in 1962 in glowing jellyfish. Turns out these proteins caused the jellyfish to glow when the proteins bound to calcium ions. We’ve learned a lot about how calcium functions in the body by using apoaequorin. The Princeton professor who discovered this protein and his colleagues who helped develop the research won the Nobel prize in 2008. Prevagen does not cause any glowing!

Apoaequorin is a protein

It was originally found in jellyfish, nature’s most simple nervous system and is able to help in humans who have the most complex nervous system in all creation. Apoaequorin is classified as a protein. Proteins are needed for healthy brain function.

Apoaequorin supports healthier brain function.*

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