Why You Should Talk To Yourself

Why You Should
Talk to Yourself

You’ve probably become slightly embarrassed when you’ve been caught talking to yourself. But why is talking to yourself such a social stigma? The truth is, a majority of us do talk to ourselves. Whether you’re walking around the house asking yourself, “Where are my keys?”, or in the grocery store reminding yourself, “Don’t forget the milk,” we all talk to ourselves. Talking to yourself is not just totally normal, it actually has its benefits! Benefits of talking to yourself include:


  1. Confidence Boost.
  2. Organizational Tool.
  3. Independence.


Confidence Boost. There is enough negativity going on in the world, so why add to it? Instead of bringing yourself down if you’ve made a mistake, talk yourself up when you complete a goal! When you accomplish a task that you are proud of, don’t wait for someone else to give you praise first. You woke up and took the time to exercise – tell yourself, “I’m proud of you!” Being a positive person will affect all of your choices. Next time you are tempted to be hard on yourself, change your thinking immediately and give yourself a compliment for something you did that day! Your confidence will thank you, and others will notice!

Organizational Tool. When your day is packed with errands, say what you need to do out loud. “Today I need to go to the dentist, buy a birthday gift, and buy groceries.” Saying your errands out loud and repeating them will help to keep you on task. When you have a full day packed with errands, talking to yourself will keep you focused on your priorities.

Independence. When you need advice, your first thought might be to go to a friend or family member. Next time you are in need of advice, ask yourself to solve the problem. When you make talking to yourself a habit, you will not only become more independent and self-reliant, but your confidence will also improve.


The next time you are caught talking to yourself, instead of being embarrassed, embrace it. Remember, talking to yourself is not only normal, but it’s beneficial!