concerts for brain health

Three Reasons Concerts are Good for You

If you’ve ever been to a concert, you know how exciting the experience can be. The crowd’s energy feeds off of each other. Besides giving you a fun activity to do, there are actually health benefits from going to a concert! Read on to find out how going to concerts affects your physical health and brain health.

  • Stress Relief
  • Sense of Community
  • Exercise


  1. Stress Relief. Researchers have actually looked into the effects that concerts have on our stress levels. They have found that attending a classical music concert can actually lower stress hormones! The physiological results that came from attending a classical music concert included a decrease in breathing rates and heart rates. Keep in mind that this study of stress relief did only focus on the attendance of classical concerts, but it opens up the discussion of how music, in general, can relieve stress.
  2. Sense of Community. Staying social and connected with people has many positive effects on your health. It also goes back to stress relief – researchers believe that having social activity can manage stress levels by allowing us to bond with others. When you’re at a concert, you can be confident that you have at least one trait in common with these people – music taste! It’s been found that people are happier when they feel connected to a community. We all want to belong, and what’s a better way to belong than to find your people at a concert? When we feel connected, we get a sense of purpose and well-being. So, what are you waiting for? Find the next concert in your area and dance the night away!
  3. Exercise. Speaking of dancing the night away, attending a concert is actually great exercise. Think about it: there’s typically a lot of walking involved, depending on how big the venue is. When you’re at a concert, what are people usually doing? Standing, dancing, jumping, singing, and laughing. All great for brain health! You’ll be having so much fun dancing around, you most likely won’t even realize you’re getting a good work out. Although we love getting a good work out in, sometimes the best kind of work out is a work out in disguise!

There you have it! Three (of many!) benefits from attending a concert. Gather up your group of friends, find a local concert in your community, and get ready for a night of fun. Your body and brain will thank you, too.