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How to Stay Productive in the Afternoon



Staying productive in the afternoon can be difficult after a long, busy morning. Picture this: you got up early to work out, tackled the majority of the items on your to-do list in the morning, now it’s the afternoon and your body is starting to slow down. Does that sound familiar? It happens to many of us and is known as the “afternoon slump.” Since resting in the afternoon isn’t always an option to recharge, there are many things we can do to trick the brain out of the afternoon slump and stay productive.


5 ways to stay productive in the afternoon:

  1. The non-dominant hand brain exercise. The left side of the brain controls your right hand and the right side of the brain controls your left hand. Switch to your non-dominant hand and you are forcing the other side of your brain to work.
  2. Make some lists. No, not to-do lists. List all the objects in your home or office that start with a specific letter or go through the alphabet and find a noun for every letter. For an extra brain boost, give yourself a time limit.
  3. Eat healthy food. Have you ever eaten lunch and felt exhausted after? Meals full of simple carbohydrates (like pasta and bread) and sugars can trigger hormones that make us feel sluggish. Opt for lunch and breakfast meals full of whole foods, protein, and nourishing fats. Also, don’t skip breakfast, this tends to cause you to eat more at lunch!
  4. Stay hydrated. Don’t forget about water. Sometimes, when we are busy we forget to hydrate and your body needs plenty of fluids to concentrate. Keep a bottle of water within easy reach! Click here for ways to drink more water throughout the day: How to Drink More Water
  5. Walk it out. After sitting for a prolonged period of time, any movement is good. Take a quick walk around the house or office.

Next time you are feeling unproductive in the afternoon, remember these tips!