How to Stay Productive During the Holidays

How to Stay Productive During the Holidays

We think of the holidays, the ideal vision is unwinding by the fireplace on a chilly night, with a warm cup of cocoa in our hands. The thoughts of work are behind us and our only worry is tending to the fire. The reality, though, is that a lot of work needs to be done during the holidays! We have jobs that we need to go to, shopping to be done, and holiday meals to be planned. We have come up with a list of four ways for you to stay productive during the holidays:


  • Disconnect.
  • Relax.
  • Stay active.
  • Be realistic.


4 Ways to Stay Productive This Holiday Season

  1. Disconnect. Disconnect from technology. This might sound contradictory to staying productive – after all, you need your phone and computer to stay productive, right? Wrong! Studies have shown that happiness correlates with productivity. The happier you are, the more productive you are. When you take a break from the stresses of emails, deadlines, and stats, and instead spend time with your family and friends, you will get a much-needed recharge. When it’s time to get back in business, your productivity will thrive.
  2. Relax. Again, this tip might sound counterproductive – who has time to relax when there is so much to be done?! You probably know the feeling of trying to work on little sleep, or lots of stress. You can’t focus on the task and your mind wanders elsewhere. Be sure to take time out to relax. Engaging in activities that you enjoy will lead to you feeling rejuvenated, therefore more productive!
  3. Stay active. Although you may have a break from work for the holidays, don’t let this be an excuse to stay totally inactive. We’re not saying a movie marathon day is bad, but don’t let this day turn into a movie marathon week! When we suggest staying active, we’re not talking about just exercising – it really means trying to keep a routine. Do you try and walk every day? Keep at it. Do you make time for a board game or a game of solitaire every night? Keep on doing that. As long as you are keeping the brain and body active, you will continue to stay productive during the holidays. Remember: a body – and brain – in motion, stays in motion.
  4. Be realistic. Finally, make sure you are being realistic about your expectations. The holidays are about enjoying time with friends and family. Realistically, you won’t be able to keep your normal routine. You may skip your workout, you may eat a little more food than you expected, and you may sleep longer than normal. This is normal. Don’t dwell on little derailments. The holidays are meant to be enjoyed, not to feel guilty. When the holidays are done, have a set plan and get back to your normal, healthy habits. Your productivity may decline slightly, but you will get right back into it!


With these tips, you’ll be sure to continue to stay as productive as possible this holiday season. This happiness that comes with a recharge will guarantee that you will be your most productive self this holiday season!