How to Stay Fit and Meet New Friends

How do you create new friendships without completely throwing off your daily regimen? When you’ve decided to make healthy life choices associated with diet and exercise, it’s not unusual to find yourself hesitant to take part in social gatherings, but the key is figuring out how to balance both needs. You’ve probably found that the tricky part about meeting new friends in hopes to establish lasting relationships is your ability to say yes to social get-togethers, while also having the willpower to keep your health a top priority. The good news, though, is that you have the potential to meet new friends everywhere! We have 5 ideas for you to connect with new people and help keep you fit in the process:

  • Dance
  • Cook
  • Volunteer
  • Swim
  • Travel


5 Ways to Stay Fit and Make New Friends

  1. Dance. Dancing is not only good for your body, but also your brain health. Dancing holds clues to health benefits such as stress reduction, increased serotonin levels, and a love of life! Dancing requires physical movement, meaning that more blood will be pumped to the brain, giving your brain the oxygen it needs to function at tip-top shape! So, find a fun class, dance like no one’s watching, and meet new friends while you’re at it.
  2. Cook. Try hosting a healthy dinner party, or meet new friends when you sign up for a healthy cooking class. Cooking is a fun way to keep your brain healthy! Think about it – when you cook something healthy with a group of friends, the meal will provide the nutrition your body needs all while encouraging social interaction. This is an excellent way to make new memories while learning something new and meeting new friends.
  3. Volunteer. Are there any causes that you hold dear to your heart? Take some time to figure out what is important to you. Take some time to figure out what is important to you. Want to benefit your body and your brain health? Volunteer at an event that will get you moving, such as volunteering at a 5K run/walk.
  4. Swim. Swimming laps or participating in a water aerobics class is a great workout that you can do any time of the year. Swimming is not just a summer activity and many classes offer the opportunity to interact with other participants. Make it a weekly ritual to participate in a class; setting this goal will give you something to work toward. Get a buddy system going by asking your spouse, friend, or neighbor to join you!
  5. Travel. Go anywhere you’ve never been before. Traveling to another country with an unknown language is perhaps the ultimate challenge that will keep your mind engaged during your entire trip. If you want to stay closer to home, try spending a weekend or a day exploring a nearby city.


The above tips are just ideas to get you started! Really, the possible activities to stay fit and meet new friends are endless. What is your favorite activity? Let us know!