How to Stay Active During the Holiday Season

How to Stay Active During the Holiday Season

It’s officially the holiday season! Family members are back in town, holiday cheer is in the air, and…an expanding waistline? It’s true, unfortunately, many of us will put on a few pounds during the holiday season. Between the office parties packed with cookies and cakes, the family gatherings complete with your favorite comfort foods, and the last-minute shopping, eating healthy and going to the gym might be put on the back burner. Make this year different. We are going to make the bold statement that it is possible to stay on track and active this holiday season. Staying active during the holidays can be easily accomplished by:


  1. Get outside.
  2. Shop ‘til you drop.
  3. Have a short-term goal.
  4. Embrace your inner child.


Get outside. Many people might want to curl up on the couch, sipping on hot chocolate, having a movie marathon. While this treat sounds amazing, remember that it is just that – a treat. If you’re in an area where you get cold winters, make the most of it. Get outside and go skiing! Not as adventurous? That’s fine – why not try snowshoeing? If winter sports just aren’t your thing, gather up the grandkids and make a snowman. Anything that gets you moving is a great activity.

Shop. `Tis the season for shopping! If the above suggestion of going outside isn’t for you, stay nice and warm inside at a shopping mall. Have you ever noticed after a day of shopping that you are typically exhausted? That’s because your body is put to work. Think about it: you can easily walk a mile while shopping in a mall – all while weighted down by shopping bags. You’ll not only be getting your holiday shopping done, but you will be getting some good exercise. This is such an easy way to stay active during the holidays, you won’t even realize it’s exercise!

Have a short-term goal. Set a short-term goal to accomplish by a specific date during the season. Is it your goal to walk or run a 5k? Sign up right now! Do a quick internet search, and you’ll find just how many holiday-themed runs there are this time of year. Sign up for a Turkey Trot or a Santa Run. These races are laid back and full of fun. Plus, you can get the whole family involved and begin a new tradition. Having a goal in mind is a surefire way to stay active during the holiday season.

Embrace your inner child. You see children having the time of their lives on a snowy day. They’re sledding, skating, having a snowball fight, and downright having a ball. Join them! These simple activities will not only get your heart pumping, but you may even get in a sneaky ab workout from all of the laughing you’ll be sure to do. The best kind of exercise is exercise in disguise, right?


Don’t let the baked goods and cold weather stop you on your health journey. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to staying active this holiday season. Happy holidays!