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Creating a community of real people living healthy, balanced and fulfilling lives, their minds sharp and their inner drive strong, to share uplifting and inspiring stories.


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Patricia Shares Her Story

Living joyfully and on her own terms.

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Greg Shares His Story

“Do unto others as I would have them do unto me.”

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Ellen and Kathy Share Their Story

When you’re living right, you’ll know where you’re going.

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Gina Shares Her Story

Following her heart into music, knowing it’s where she belongs.

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Gary Shares His Story

Keep an open mind to the world around us.

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The Story of Francis

Embodying the motto, “Live to serve and serve to live.”

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Edith Shares Her Story

Always treat people with respect and kindness.

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Dona Shares Her Story

Stay focused and give yourself to others.

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George & Charlotte Share Their Story

Be kind to others and offer help, if they ask for it.

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