Prevagen Reviews

Prevagen Reviews

After over 15 years of research, we have demonstrated that Prevagen works to improve memory. But you don’t have to take our word for it. On the following pages, you’ll find Prevagen reviews from actual Prevagen users and hear how this brain health supplement, originally discovered in jellyfish, has helped them.

If you feel like you can relate to any of these people—you may be experiencing age-related memory loss. This is a totally normal part of aging, but as you will see from watching these Prevagen reviews, you CAN take action.

The personal experiences you’ll find here are from actual Prevagen users. They were not compensated for offering their thoughts. These are real reviews from real people.

Barbara is able to keep things in order

My name is Barbara and I’m 66-years-old. Before I was taking Prevagen, I would just forget things, and now since I’ve been taking Prevagen I may have forgotten one or two small things in that span of time. I’m finding that I have better retention and better memory…


Mark is able to remember better

My name is Mark. I live in Raleigh, North Carolina and I’m a computer operation analyst.

The science of it sounded interesting. I certainly have noticed over the past few years that I’ve been less able to remember minor details from days ago and ever since I started using Prevagen, I can tell a huge difference in the amount of minor details of just remembering things and names and places…


Brian feels sharp as a tack

I am a 60 year old and thought I was losing my mind. I saw Prevagen and bought it. This stuff is stupid good, I can run circles around the young people at work now and feel sharp as a tack. Well done guys!


Karen has greater ease

Prevagen appears to be helping my memory. The demands of multi-tasking have increased at my place of work. I realized I was becoming more confused and stressed, forgetting details. I have greater ease remembering the various aspects of my job and am not forgetting small details as much as I had. I decided to continue the Prevagen based on this positive experience. My 83 year old mother is also trying Prevagen and notices she is getting better at remembering things. You have a winner with this product.


Mary is back to multi-tasking

I first learned about Prevagen through my sister who told me to check it out on the computer. I found where they were doing a study on Prevagen… I have told other people about Prevagen who have memory problems. It works! I was at the point I could not remember what I was going to do from one room to another, now I am back to multi-tasking. I thank God, my sister and Prevagen for all they have done for me.


Peggy – “This stuff is great!”

Boy, sure do love the stuff. Not only does it help my memory but has made me feel so great. It is so hard to explain. But my well-being is so different. This stuff is great! You know there are no words to describe the great feeling I have.