Father's Day

Make This Father’s Day a Healthy One

Is your usual Father’s Day gift socks or a tie? If so, he probably already has a lot of them. This year give Dad a gift to benefit his health too!


Here are some healthy Father’s Day gift ideas:

  • Exercise tracker. Staying physically active plays a big part in overall health (and brain health). Exercise trackers will help encourage your dad to be more active and take that extra walk around the block to make sure he gets his steps in.
  • Foam roller. Foam rollers with help relieve any muscle tension and help your dad stay active.
  • Cooking tools. A healthy diet starts in the kitchen and what better way to promote eating healthy with some new cooking tools! Give your dad a digital meat thermometer, new cutting board, chef’s knife or a healthy cookbook.
  • Travel. Take a trip with your dad, even if it’s just for a day. You could go explore a new city or attend a sporting event or concert with him. New experiences help keep the brain healthy and are also a great way to make memories and bond with your dad. If your dad travels often, you could also get him a new suitcase!