How to Keep Your Fruits & Veggies Fresh

How to Keep Your Fruits & Veggies Fresh

Summer is here – which means we are treated to a bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables! It probably happens all too often, though, where you find yourself throwing away rotting produce you seemed to have just bought.


To save yourself frustration and money, follow these tips to keep your produce fresher longer:

  1. Our first basic rule for you: Do not store fruits and vegetables together! Certain fruits can give off high levels of ethylene – a ripening agent in fruit. This means that if stored together, vegetables can ripen too quickly, meaning quicker to spoil.
  2. Treat your leafy greens and fresh herbs like flowers. Trim the stems and store your greens and herbs in a jar of water. This will ensure that they will last fresher longer!
  3. Give your berries a vinegar bath! This might sound odd, but trust us – this is a tip to remember! First, fill a bowl with a diluted vinegar mixture – about 1 cup of vinegar and 4 cups of water. Let the berries sit for about 5 minutes. Rinse the berries to remove any excess vinegar flavor. Finally, you store the fruit in a container lined with paper towel. The vinegar bath will kill off any mold spores!
  4. Try not to cut your fruits. If you don’t plan on eating your fruit right away, avoid cutting them up. A cut up piece of fruit is going to spoil faster than one that is not.
  5. Clean your fridge! It might not be fun, but it is necessary to do. If you have any residue or bacteria left in your fridge, this will increase the spoilage of all foods in your fridge. Be sure to clean the fridge regularly!


Take advantage of the summer fruits and vegetables available! With these tips, you’ll not only enjoy your fresh summer produce longer, but you’ll also save yourself frustration and money!





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