How to Make this Valentine’s Day Memorable

When you think of Valentine’s Day, you may think of love, roses, and lots of chocolate. The thought of Valentine’s Day may give you a warm, fuzzy feeling, or it may leave you rolling your eyes. The fact of the matter is, though, that Valentine’s Day goes beyond chocolate and roses. Spending time together with your loved ones can go a long way in strengthening your bonds with others and your brain, making this Valentine’s Day memorable! Here are 4 simple ideas to make memories with your loved ones this Valentine’s Day that have the potential to help your brain as well:

  • The gift of time
  • Focus your attention
  • Make new memories by making something special
  • Socializing


4 Ways to Make Memories on Valentine’s Day

  1. The gift of time. You may find that your day is filled to the brim with work commitments, family obligations, volunteering, etc. This can lead to putting relationships and friendships on the back burner. This Valentine’s Day, rather than picking up flowers or chocolate at the last minute, carve out some quality time to spend with your loved one. If you don’t have a significant other, that’s no problem! Just make your own “Palentine’s Day” and hang out with your best pals. You will be sure to make this Valentine’s Day memorable!
  2. Focus your attention. Once you’ve set aside your time to spend with your partner or friends, try to minimize life’s daily distractions. This means that you should try turning off the TV and your cell phones and focus on each other. Concentrate on eye contact, listening, and having an engaging conversation. When you spend time ‘unplugged’, not only will you improve your relationships, but you will also recharge.
  3. Make new memories by making something special. Working together to create something is an excellent way to celebrate your relationship. Incorporate the tips above by cooking a special meal together and focusing on your partner or friends while eating what you’ve made. Or work on a project together by creating some new art for your home. Just do something that you love! Need some ideas on what hobbies you can do to make this Valentine’s Day memorable? Find some ideas here.
  4. Socializing. Even after all of the above tips, some of you just may not make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day – and that’s fine! Instead, gather up your best friends, or your partner, and just treat this day like any other day. Order a pizza, play board games, or bake some sweet treats. The power of socializing is stronger than you think. Friendships affect your serotonin, influencing your mood, behavior, memory, and learning – a recipe for good brain health!


With these tips, you’ll be sure to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember!