Things to do for Labor Day

How to Make the Most of Your Labor Day

Labor Day is seen by many as the last weekend of summer. Kids will be going back to school, temperatures will begin to cool, and it will be autumn before you know it! We want to help you make this Labor Day one to remember. Read on for ways that you can make this Labor Day a memorable end to the summer.

4 Things to Do on Labor Day:

  • Have a cookout
  • Take a road trip
  • Go hiking
  • Find a local festival


  1. Have a barbeque with your closest friends and family. Plan an end of summer barbeque at a local beach or in your own backyard. Barbeques are not only a great time with friends and family, but it can also benefit your brain health! For instance, grilling gets you outside – meaning that being outside in a natural environment helps to calm the brain. Not only that, but you are able to socialize! Engaging with others in conversation is a great way to keep you mentally sharp.
  2. Take a road trip. Your destination doesn’t need to be hundreds of miles away! Take a road trip to a part of your own state you haven’t been before. Hitting the open road is the perfect way to escape your busy life and experience nothing but the feeling of freedom. Going on a road trip gives you the chance to see new environments and gets you out of your everyday routine. When you change your routine, it can actually benefit your brain health. So, go on and take that road trip, your brain will thank you.
  3. Go hiking. Is there anything more therapeutic than dedicating an entire day to relaxing in nature? A walk in nature helps to lower stress and improve well-being and brain health. Getting exercise can help you improve your concentration skills and support mental health. Spending time outside while getting all of the benefits of exercise and the outdoors sounds like a great way to spend the day!
  4. Find a local festival. If you do a quick internet search of, “Local Labor Day Festivals,” you’ll see hundreds of results. What interests do you have? Music? There’s an event for that. Food? There’s an event for that. Art? Comedy? Carnivals? Check, check, check. Make it a point to get outside, have fun, and enjoy all that your town has to offer!

Remember: Labor Day is often the last time during the summer where you can gather with friends and family stress-free. Whether you relax with a barbeque or venture out for a road trip, just make sure you enjoy every bit of your Labor Day weekend!