How to Hold on to the Last Bit of Summer



The summer always seems to go by too fast, and August is here before we know it. It may feel like summer will be over soon, but there are still plenty of summer days to take advantage of! So take some time to celebrate summer, and make some memories before it’s over.

15 Things to Do Before Summer is Over:

  1. Go watch a sunset. There’s nothing more relaxing than watching the beauty and awe of a sunset. It can slow down your perception of time, and it gets you outside. You can watch the sunset while running, walking, biking, or just observing.
  2. Get in the water. Find your nearest body of water and go swimming outside while you still can. Swimming boosts your mood, strengthens muscles, and is a low-impact exercise.
  3. Hit places that close in the winter. Visit places that are only open in the summer before they close for the winter. This could be a seasonal ice cream shop, restaurant, parks, beaches, amusement parks, outdoor water parks, or an outdoor theater.
  4. See an outdoor concert. Attending an outdoor concert is a great way to socialize and get some fresh air. You’ll also burn calories if you enjoy singing and dancing.
  5. Look forward to fall. When the weather cools off and the bugs die down it’s easier to get outside, explore, and hit the walking trails.
  6. Picnic in the park. For most parts of the country, you can only enjoy a meal outside during the summer months. Get the family together and plan a picnic in the park before the summer is over. The fresh air, sunshine, and nice breeze can also boost your mood.
  7. Go shopping for summer sales. Going on a tropical trip this winter? This is a great time to find deals on warm weather clothes for your vacation or next summer. You’ll also find deals on patio furniture and summer decorations for next year.
  8. Have a cookout. If you haven’t hosted a cookout in your backyard yet this summer, start planning one now.
  9. Catch fireflies. Fireflies are easy to spot and you can put them in a jar to use as a reading light.
  10. Have a bonfire & make s’mores. Invite some friends over to socialize and relax around a fire while you make some tasty s’mores!
  11. Do one touristy thing in your city/town that you’ve never done before. Is there a tourist attraction in your city or town that you have never been to before because it’s usually too crowded? If so, make some time to go there before the summer is over.
  12. Wake up early and go to the farmer’s market. Farmer’s markets are a summer staple in most communities. Make plans to get up early and have the first pick of all the fresh produce.
  13. Go to a baseball game. Get to the ballpark to enjoy some ballpark food and watch America’s pastime.
  14. Watch a sunrise. Wake up early, make some coffee, and watch the sunrise.
  15. Make a bucket list for the fall. Make plans to go apple picking, attend a fall festival, go candle shopping, and take in the fall foliage.

Summer isn’t over yet! Start making your end of summer plans so you can enjoy every last bit of summer.