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How to Create a Healthy Workplace

You may spend a majority of your waking hours at your office. This means that your habits at work can either make or break your health. Think about how often you might spend sitting at your desk, or consuming birthday treats from a coworker. You may think it’s difficult to keep up a healthy lifestyle while in the office, but it’s actually very much possible. Find out the 4 best ways to have a healthy workplace:

  • Get Active
  • Reorganize
  • Encourage Creativity
  • Reset


4 Ways to Create a Healthy Workplace:

  1. Get Active. You might have heard that sitting is the new smoking. The human body is not meant to be sedentary for long periods of time. Our bodies need to be active in order to continue to function at peak performance. So just how can you keep an active lifestyle, while continuing to be productive in the workplace? There are several simple steps (pun intended) you can take! First things first, request to have a standing desk. Take out a set amount of time every hour to utilize your standing desk. Don’t have a standing desk? Take a lap around the office. Do you need to communicate with a coworker? Rather than emailing, walk over to their office. You might be surprised at how these simple tips can benefit your health – both brain health and physical health – when done daily.
  2. Reorganize. We’re all guilty of getting a little cluttered in our workspaces. When you get a bit of free time, take a moment to clean and declutter. Create different folders for loose papers. Have labels in order to create easy-to-find documents (sticky notes are your friend). Don’t just leave it to your desk! Organize your computer. Create folders for all of your different projects on your computer. Instead of wasting time searching for a word document, you’ll save time and increase your productivity when you know exactly where everything is. Want more tips on how to be productive? Learn how you can get more hours in the day.
  3. Encourage Creativity. How many times have you heard crickets amongst your coworkers when brainstorming new ideas? Maybe more than you’d like to admit. Instead of grasping for just any mundane idea, have your team write down their most bizarre, ridiculous ideas. This might sound counterproductive, but you might surprise yourself with the ideas that arise from this. Writing down out of the box ideas will create conversation, and get the creativity pumping through your brain!
  4. Reset. It’s incredibly important to take a break during the day and do a mental reset. When you take your lunch break, make it a point to eat away from your desk. It’s important to have a separate space for work, and a separate space for all other activities. Not only will taking a break from your desk give your brain a much-needed reset, but it will also keep you from eating mindlessly. Need another way to reset? Try sneaking in mini workouts, or paying particular attention to your posture. Keep a set of light hand weights at your desk and do simple stretches. Remember our tip about avoiding sitting for extended periods of time? Well, sitting and slouching is even worse. Check your posture right now. Are you slouching? Sit up tall and straight, and get ready for a day of productivity.

We spend so much time at work, and every health decision we make has a huge impact on our physical and mental health. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to living the healthiest life you possibly can.