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The Four Healthiest Summer Hobbies

It’s hard to argue that summer is an incredible season. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy being outside after a harsh winter for many of us across the country. However, it’s easy for summer “brain drain” to occur. What is “brain drain” exactly? This can be the loss of certain skills and knowledge that come from getting out of normal routine. How can we overcome “brain drain”? Take part in healthy summer hobbies! Find out four of the healthiest summer hobbies you can take part in this season.

  • Photography
  • Creating Art
  • Volunteering
  • Community Activities


4 Healthiest Summer Hobbies

  1. Photography. We’ve all most likely snapped a picture at least once in our lives, but have you ever thought of turning this into a hobby? Photography goes way beyond simply clicking a button to snap a picture. Photography is an art form. First things first, you have to have an eye to capture the subject. Another thing that comes along with photography? Editing the image! This requires familiarity with editing programs on a computer. Learning new technology is beneficial for brain health. If you’ve never dabbled in photography before, taking part in a challenging activity like this will strengthen entire connections in the brain.
  2. Creating Art. Get creative when you think of art! This can range from painting to scrapbooking. Do you want to embrace your inner child? Get some sidewalk chalk! The best thing about art is that it can be a social activity. An added creativity perk? Being outside has been shown to boost creative thinking. So, go on, get outside, and let your mind wander! There’s no right or wrong way to create art.
  3. Volunteering. Is there a better feeling than knowing you’ve made an impact? That’s where volunteering comes into play. Studies have shown a strong relationship between volunteering and health. Volunteering gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment, helps provide greater self-esteem and satisfaction with life, and is great for your brain health! In fact, studies have shown that after people volunteered, the mesolimbic system in the brain was activated. This is part of the brain that controls the feelings of reward and pleasure. Another bonus? Volunteering increases your physical activity and helps you to get out of the house. Research has shown that those who volunteer are better able to do housework, gardening, and other tasks. You don’t have to commit a lot of time to volunteering, simply two to three hours a week can offer the benefits to you and, more importantly, the cause.
  4. Community Activities. Taking part in your local community activities is a great way to spend the summer. Does your town have a minor league baseball game? Gather up your friends or family and make a day of it! Visit your city’s farmer’s market. At a loss for activities? Do a quick internet search of “Upcoming Local Festivals.” You’ll see hundreds of results. What interests do you have? Music? There’s a festival for that. Food? There’s definitely a festival for that. Art? Comedy? Carnivals? Check, check, check. Make it a point to get outside, have fun, and enjoy all that your town has to offer!

Remember: Summer is a time to gather with your friends, family, or even just your thoughts. Get outside, and enjoy every little bit of the season!