The Benefits of Having a Garden

Gardening is a great way for everyone to experience nature no matter if they live in a high-rise apartment or on several acres of land. Here are some of the many great health benefits of having a garden:

  • Physical activity. Gardening is considered a moderate intensity exercise like walking.
  • Healthier diets. Gardening provides easier access to the fresh fruits and vegetables that benefit our brain.
  • Fresh air. When we spend time outside in nature, we can feel less stressed and concentrate better. You can also soak up lots of Vitamin D.
  • Social Interaction. You can share your expertise with your friends, children, and grandchildren. Teaching others is great for brain health!
  • Exercises your brain. Gardening utilizes your learning skills, problem-solving skills, and sensory awareness.
  • Creates mindfulness. Mindfulness is being aware of what is happening both inside and outside ourselves. Gardening helps connect us to our surroundings and be in the present moment.

Gardening does not have to be a full time job. If you have never had a garden before, start small and expand each year.