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6 Healthy Father’s Day Gifts

What do you think of when it comes to Father’s Day gifts? Socks, ties, and coffee mugs? While these are all fun gifts, let’s get creative this Father’s Day! This year, give Dad a gift that he’ll love and is beneficial to his health.

  • Cooking tools
  • Introductory lessons
  • Road Trip
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Meal kit subscription
  • Relaxation


Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Cooking tools. A healthy lifestyle starts in the kitchen. So, what’s a better way to promote healthy eating than with some new cooking tools? Give your dad a digital meat thermometer, a new cutting board, a chef’s knife, or a healthy cookbook. How about giving Dad some cooking lessons? Does the dad in your life like to grill? Get him some new grilling accessories! The options are endless for the dad who loves to cook! Everyone’s body and brain health will benefit with a healthy meal.
  2. Introductory lessons. Is the dad in your life constantly talking about trying new things? Get him some introductory lessons on an activity he’s been itching to do. Has Dad always wanted to try yoga? Find a beginners class and tag along for some extra bonding time. How about some more out-of-the-box activities, such as martial arts, guitar lessons, or even flight lessons? Nowadays, there is a lesson for almost anything you can think. A bonus? Trying new things is beneficial for brain health.
  3. Road Trip. Take a trip with Dad, even if it’s just for a day. Go explore a nearby city, or attend a sporting event or concert with him. New experiences help to keep the brain healthy and are also a great way to make memories and bond with Dad. P.S. Another gift idea – a new suitcase if Dad travels often!
  4. Reusable water bottle. We tend to underestimate what water can do for the body. Drinking water is one of the simplest things we can do for our bodies. Water helps to maintain the balance of body fluids, provides energy, controls calories, and controls kidney function. When Dad drinks enough water, he will be supporting healthy brain cells, helping concentration and memory function, and improving blood flow and oxygen to the brain. So, to get him to drink more water, get him a reusable water bottle to carry throughout the day. Challenge him to drink a certain amount per day. His brain and body will thrive!
  5. Meal kit subscription. You may be familiar with meal kit subscriptions. They seem to be a popular trend that is here to stay. The appeal of these subscription boxes is just how convenient they are! The way they typically work is you pick which meals you would like out of a variety of different options, how many meals you would like delivered per week, and for how many people. The subscription service will deliver all of the ingredients necessary to prepare the meals you have chosen with detailed instructions on how to make the meal. It’s a fun way to add variety to your meals! If these aren’t for you, simply spend some time cooking with Dad. When we have social interaction, it affects our serotonin, influencing mood, behavior, memory, and learning!
  6. Relaxation. Is there anything better than the gift of relaxation? It’s hard to top, that’s for sure! So, treat Dad to a gift certificate for a massage. If massages aren’t his idea of relaxing, treat him to a hammock and a good book in his own yard. The whole idea is to get him to de-stress and relax. We all know how being stressed feels, and no one should experience that – especially fathers on Father’s Day! When we’re relaxed, our brains tend to function better than when we are stressed.

No matter what you get Dad for Father’s Day, just be sure to make sure he knows how much you appreciate him. Treat him like the superhero he is. Happy Father’s Day to all of the great dads out there!