How You Can Save Money On Your Fall Travels



The summer season is just about over and fall is on its way. It may seem like all of the other seasons are associated with travel: a beach getaway for spring break, traveling for the holidays in the winter time, or taking a family vacation in summer. So why can’t fall have some travel fun too? Read on for our money-saving travel tips so that you can enjoy your fall season to the fullest!

Fall Travel Tips

  1. Check out local fall festivals. You can save money by staying local and checking out activities around your own town! For many towns, fall is a time for all sorts of festivals! One of the main ones that might come to mind is Oktoberfest. We’re not talking about the one in Germany! Many towns have adopted the German tradition and host their own version. Go with your friends or family, and eat some good German food. We won’t judge you if you bring out your dirndls and lederhosen!
  2. Find the right dates to book your flights. Did you know that there is a flight price decrease before the holidays? Prices typically begin to decrease after Labor Day weekend until the end of October. Take advantage of the lower prices and plan a well-deserved getaway.
  3. Go on a scenic drive to your nearest pumpkin patch or apple orchard. You don’t need to worry about spending money on a plane ticket. All you need is a full tank of gas and a destination! If you live in an area of the country where the leaves change, find a scenic road where you can take in all of the beautiful fall colors. Make your destination a local pumpkin patch or apple orchard. Find a corn maze! That’ll be sure to bring you lots of laughs and entertainment for the day.
  4. Visit a national park. National parks are especially beautiful in the fall. You can see the fall foliage and enjoy the cooler weather. Another plus side: it’s an affordable activity! However, if you really want to get a good deal – we’re talking free entry – go on one of their fee-free days! This year, the fee-free days fall on September 30 for National Public Lands Day and November 11-12 for Veterans Day Weekend!

With these tips, we encourage you to go out and enjoy the fall season to the fullest!