fall activities

Budget-Friendly Fall Activities for Brain Health

October is here, and that means that there are so many new activities to enjoy! With mild temperatures, fall is the best time to be outside. Even better news? These activities that we are going to give you are fun for the whole family, and they are free! Find out the best budget-friendly fall activities you can do with your family and that will benefit your brain health!

  • Hiking
  • Pumpkin patch and apple orchard
  • Raking Leaves


  1. Hiking. Some of our favorite brain healthy activities combined: walking and spending time outdoors! Spending time outdoors is an amazing way to improve your mood, increase your energy, boost your focus, and even bump up creativity levels. When you take a nature hike, you may notice you feel happier. That’s because natural light can improve our mood. Cortisol levels – aka the stress hormone – are reduced. A bonus? You’ll get to spend time taking in all of the beauty of the changing leaves. Grab some sneakers, and head out the door! No money required. Your brain health, body, and wallet will be happy!
  2. Pumpkin patch and apple orchard. Find a pumpkin patch in your area and make a whole day out of it! Bring the family, and have everyone pick out a pumpkin to bring home. Test out everyone’s creative ability and have a pumpkin carving contest! Make sure you save the pumpkin seeds for roasting as a healthy snack. Pumpkin seeds contain Omega 3 fatty acids, which is known for supporting healthy brain function. Make sure you also go to an apple orchard. Just like going to a pumpkin patch, going to an apple orchard is an activity for the whole family. Eating apples can be beneficial when it comes to supporting brain health. Enjoy some baked apples topped with cinnamon, maple syrup, and vanilla extract for a tasty and brain healthy snack.
  3. Raking Leaves. You might be thinking “Ok, why is a chore on a list of fun activities?” Well, this is an activity that you can sneak in exercise, and bond with the grandchildren! Think of it as less of a chore, and more of a new opportunity for laughs and memories. Pick a day to do some yard work with the kids. Think about the actual process of raking leaves, and just how it affects your body. Raking leaves is good for your arms and abs, while bagging up the leaves is good for your lower body. Have a little fun while you do your yard work, too. Rake them into a pile for the kids. You’ll have a day of laughs and new memories. Your body will be happy from the activity, and your brain will thrive from the bonds you create with family.

These are just a few suggestions for a budget-friendly fall. Enjoy the season with your friends and family, and be sure to form new memories this season!