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5 Ways to Treat Yourself This Season

The crisp, beautiful days of fall are upon us, and as the weather cools there are so many ways to get your seasonal pick-me-up. While Halloween candy and pumpkin spice goodies and coffee drinks have their appeal, there are plenty of other healthy ways you can treat yourself this season. Try one – or all – of these ideas this fall.

1 – Enjoy Fresh Autumn Produce
Treat yourself to the many flavors of fall by enjoying fresh autumn produce. Certain vegetables and fruits are in season during the fall months, such as squash, apples, broccoli, and sweet potatoes, which means they pack the best flavor this time of year. Add them to your meals for greater variety and plenty of healthy flavors.

2 – Go Hiking in the Leaves
Cooler temperatures make it the perfect time of year to get outdoors more often. Take advantage of the lovely weather and treat yourself to a fun hike in the gorgeous fall leaves, whether it’s in your neighborhood or a nearby park. Don’t forget to grab a few photos along the way.

3 – Try a Fun Fall Activity
Have you ever been on a hayride? Maybe you’ve never gone apple picking, enjoyed visiting a pumpkin patch, or wandered your way through a corn maze. Treat yourself to a fun fall activity that’ll allow you to make memories with the ones you love, making it extra-special for everyone.

4 – Visit a Farmer’s Market
Take some time out and visit a local farmer’s market. You’ll get the chance to find the best in-season produce, and it’s a lot of fun to explore everything that vendors have available while boosting your local economy. An excursion to a farmer’s market is something fun for you, and it also does good in your own community.

5 – Boost Your Brain Health with Prevagen
One little step you can do to take care of yourself this fall is to start taking a daily Prevagen memory supplement. The supplement is recommended by pharmacists, and it boosts brain health and supports memory. It’s something small you can do for yourself and your brain.


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