The Best Summer Activities for Brain Health

The Best Summer Activities for Brain Health

It’s officially summer, and it’s time to take advantage of the long, warm days and delightful evenings while you can. While you’re planning a vacation and other summer activities, don’t forget to think about your brain. The right summer pursuits can challenge your brain and improve motor skills. Try some of these exciting activities this summer to boost brain health while having a blast.

Pick Up the Ping Pong Paddles
Ping pong – or other similar games like pickleball or even tennis – offer a fun way to improve coordination and balance, enabling the left and right sides of your brain to work together better. These games not only make you break a sweat, but they also make you break a mental sweat, too, invigorating your brain and improving concentration. To use strategy to win, you use your prefrontal cortex to strategically plan, which helps boost the ability to create and retain long-term memories.

Spend Time Swimming
Swimming is great for the body and the brain. You’ll relax and stretch your muscles while focusing on rhythmic breathing. It also lets your body engage in cross-patterning movements and motor operations that are different from running or walking. This helps activate all areas of your brain and can improve cognitive development. Spending time swimming also leads to endorphin release, boosting your parasympathetic nervous system long after your done for improved focus and calmness.

Plan a Day at the Beach
A day at the beach is like a haven for your brain. Science shows that staring at the waves can change your brain waves’ frequency, putting you into a mild meditative state. Hearing those waves relaxes you, and the negative ions on the lovely warm breeze boosts your mood, too. Reap the brain benefits by focusing on all your senses – how your body feels, the smells, your feet digging into the sand, and the beautiful blues surrounding you.

As you engage in these exciting, brain-boosting activities this summer, don’t forget to stay hydrated. And give your brain some extra love by taking your Prevagen supplement each day. It’s pharmacist-recommended and boosts overall brain health.


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