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5 Ways to Reset Your Mind for a Healthier Year

Let’s be honest…the last year has been pretty tough for everyone. After going through a difficult year, you don’t want to head into 2021 with the same mindset. Instead, it’s time to think positively about what this new year has to bring.

It’s important to reset your mind as we move forward, so your mind is in a positive, calmer place. To help you out, here are a few ways that you can reset your mind for a healthier year.

1 – Cut Back on Negative Social Media
Right now, certain social media pages are somewhat of a highlight reel of all the negativity from the past year and current events. Spend much time on these pages and it might make you feel worse. Clear your head by taking a break from social media or by at least cutting back on the amount of time you spend scrolling. Instead, use it as a way to check up on friends and family.

2 – Spend Time Reading
If your mind needs a positive reset, try spending more time reading. Whether it’s great non-fiction or a fiction book that takes you to another time and place, reading takes your mind off the present, relieves stress, and you’ll even learn something.

3 – Get Moving
Yes, exercise is a cure-all for the mind, and it offers a great way for you to clear your head. It also gives you a great endorphin boost and offers many brain and overall health benefits.

4 – Try Writing
Sometimes it’s easy to let your worries get bottled up inside, and that can ruin a positive mindset. Try writing down your negative thoughts to release them. Then, take a little time to write down things you’re grateful for to reset your brain.

5 – Do Your Brain a Favor
As you work to reset your mind for a healthier new year, do your brain a favor and try taking Prevagen daily. It is great for brain health, and helps with age-related memory loss. It’s also pharmacist recommended, so it’s a great addition to a healthier 2021.


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