The Power of Saying ‘No’ – Benefits You Get from Not Over-committing

Many of us believe we always have to say ‘yes.’ After all, we want to be seen as positive helpful people. Saying ‘no’ seems so negative. But learning to say no more often can be powerful. While using it too much can create problems, the key to using this word is to find balance in your life instead of over-committing. Here are a few benefits of learning to say no sometimes to avoid over-committing.

1 – Saying No Makes Room for the Right Things
When you say no to one thing, it makes room for the right things in your life. If you say yes to too many things and over-commit, then you may be leaving out some important things. When your plate is too full, you don’t have any room left for opportunity. As you learn to say no more often, you’ll make space in your life for the right opportunities to come along. And then you’ll have the time to walk through those new open doors.

2 – You Establish Healthy Boundaries
Whether it’s at work or on relationships, no allows you to establish healthy boundaries, too. Caring for yourself is important, too. Over-commit and constantly focus on making everyone else happy leaves your own needs neglected. Saying no sometimes, caring for your own needs, and metaphorically putting your own oxygen mask on first, ensures you’re more capable of helping others.

3 – Sometimes No Reduces Regret
Ask yourself this question: how many times have you said yes to something and regretted it immediately? It’s too easy to say yes when you want to say no, and that leads to regret and unhappiness with your life. When you’re presented with a choice, ask yourself if you’ll regret saying yes in the future. If so, it’s time to say no and nix regrets.

Stop thinking that saying no is a form of negativity. Remember, when you say no to one thing, you’re opening the door for amazing possibilities in your life that you can wholeheartedly say ‘YES!’ to.

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