Evening Routine to Unwind

The Perfect Evening Routine to Unwind

With so many things to accomplish each day, it’s easy to work, take care of household chores, and stay busy late into the evening until we fall into bed. The only problem – many of us then have a tough time falling asleep, even though we’re exhausted. Even if you don’t feel like you have a lot of time in the evenings, carving out some time for an evening routine can help you unwind and improve your sleep. While everyone might have a slightly different routine, here are a few options to add to your evening routine to calm the mind and body for rest.

Turn off Those Electronics
Yes, most of us love our electronics, but they can eat into sleep time. They stimulate the brain, blue light from electronics can affect the internal body clock, and checking social media, news, and emails at night can increase your stress. Try turning them off an hour before sleeping as part of your evening routine.

Write a Bit
Do you find your mind worrying in the evenings? Try spending a few minutes writing. You can write down a few things your grateful for to keep your mind positive. If you’re already worrying about tomorrow, write down those worries and any reminders from that mental to-do list you have going so your brain can relax.

Read a Book
Studies show that just a few minutes of reading each day can lower stress levels by 68% – that’s even more than listening to music or drinking tea. Grab a book, relax, and spend some time getting lost in a book as part of that bedtime routine.

Try Relaxation or Meditation
A busy mind makes it tough to sleep at night. If you struggle with anxiety, stress, or worry at bedtime, try a relaxation exercise or a few minutes of meditation. Deep breathing exercises relax the body, and meditation can help you slow your mind so it’s ready for rest.

Of course, depending on your lifestyle, there are other steps you might want to add to your evening routine as well. However, all of these ideas will help you unwind so you’re able to get the best possible night of rest, which happens to be important for your brain health. And don’t forget to grab your Prevagen memory pill – it’s pharmacist recommended – too!


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