Things are different this year, discover some great ideas for making your holiday a memorable one this summer.

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Memorable Holiday

5 Ways to Have a Memorable Holiday

Celebrating summer holidays is a bit different this year, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still have a blast. Many places continue to have social distancing restrictions in place, so it’s likely that you’ll be celebrating in new ways this year. However, you can still plan a memorable holiday with these fun tips.

1 – Turn Up Your BBQ Game
Parties may not be happening due to your area’s social distancing guidelines, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great one in your own backyard. Turn up your BBQ game for the holiday and go beyond burgers and hotdogs on the grill. Consider having a big cook-off, inviting family members to whip up their favorite dish. Vote on which dish wins the cook-off. It might just turn into a holiday tradition.

2 – Try Field Day Activities for Fun That’s Still at a Distance
A big back yard or even a park nearby is a great place where you can have some fun field day activities while still keeping everyone at a distance. Favorite summertime games like obstacle courses and water balloon tosses, or even a good game of baseball, will be fun for everyone.

3 – Outdoor Movie Night
Make some popcorn, whip up some s’mores, and watch a movie outdoors. All you need is an outdoor screen and a projector to make it easy. Have plenty of comfy places to sit and enjoy favorite movies after the sun goes down.

4 – Camp Out in the Back Yard
You don’t even have to go anywhere to make your holiday special with a campout. Set up the tent, get the fire pit ready, and prepare for a night out under the stars. Make sure everyone has comfortable sleeping bags, or head indoors when it gets late if you’re not up to sleeping on the ground.

5 – Keep it Simple
Maybe you usually spend your holidays feeling frantic as you prepare for big parties or heading out to different events. This year, keep it simple. Sure, everyone wants to have a great time, but things are different this year and it’s a great excuse to relax and just enjoy being with your family.

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