We’ve been talking about humor and laughter throughout April – it’s National Humor Month after all.

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Humor and Your Relationships

Humor and Your Relationships

We’ve been talking about humor and laughter throughout April – it’s National Humor Month after all. Last week we had a bit of fun uncovering some fascinating facts about laughter, including the fact that humor is good for relationships.

When looking for friends and significant others, most people have a sense of humor at the top of their list of qualifications. Tapping into humor with people you care about can build strong bonds. And without some laughter, relationships can flounder.

So, what happens when friends or a couple don’t seem to share a sense of humor? Is it possible to keep the relationship going?

Yes! Because it’s likely that you really do share a sense of humor with that person – the trick is to find it.

Shared Laughter is Vital to Relationships
Why is it so important to be on the same page when it comes to humor? Shared laughter is actually vital to good relationships. In fact, studies have found that a shared sense of humor plays a huge role in a satisfying relationship. And this doesn’t mean you have to be funny – it’s all about the two of you laughing together.

Understanding the Different Types of Humor
So how do you get on the same page as your significant other when it comes to humor? First, you need to understand that there are different types of humor, including:

  • Dark Humor
  • Bodily Humor
  • Surreal Humor
  • Physical Humor
  • Wordplay Humor
  • Self-deprecating Humor

The trick is to figure out which type of humor you each enjoy and then find where you can connect. When you know what kind of humor you like, then plan some activities that focus on the types of humor you both enjoy. It could be a movie night watching classic comedy, playing funny games, or heading to improv shows or comedy clubs. The key – laughing at things together.

It can take a bit of effort, but when you find the sense of humor you have in common, it’s worth it when it strengthens your bond. And don’t forget, not only does humor bring people together, but it also boosts brain health and gives your immune system a boost. So, when you laugh together, you’re improving your health, your brain, and your relationship. It’s a win-win-win!


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