Holiday Traditions

The Benefits of Holding onto Traditions

Most families have holiday traditions and rituals, whether they’ve been passed down for generations or they’re new traditions they’ve created with new loved ones along the way. Taking part in these rituals and traditions give us all the feeling that we’re a part of something bigger, reminding us of why we’re here, as well as where we came from. When we share smells, foods, activities, and sights, these shared experiences link us to each other and our past.

While some may scoff at traditions, they actually offer many benefits. Holiday traditions have been around throughout all of history, and they’re essential to building strong bonds, not only among your family but in your community. They give humans a way to express themselves and a sense of belonging while keeping us all connected to our history.

Even if your family didn’t have many traditions, it’s never too late to begin creating new ones. With the holidays nearly here, it’s a great time to try new things. Maybe that’s spending an entire day baking cookies together in the kitchen, playing holiday movies all day long while you spend time together opening presents and enjoying a meal, or reading a special Christmas book before bedtime on Christmas Eve. And remember, traditions don’t just have to be about the holidays. You can make new traditions all year long, from pizza nights to game nights to special birthday traditions.

Of course, we all know that this year the holidays look a bit different for all of us. But we still can enjoy our traditions. It’s fine to take your favorite holiday traditions and throw in a little twist to accommodate loved ones this year. Maybe instead of gathering around the tree to open presents on Christmas Eve, you all gather on Zoom with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy showing off your favorite present. Perhaps you watch your favorite Christmas movie on Christmas day and chat with loved ones via text messages or FaceTime, so that traditions still bring you closer despite being miles away. It’s not about following the traditional exactly – it’s about creating those connections with the ones we love.

As you enjoy your holiday, sip on eggnog, and nibble on a holiday treat, don’t forget to make Prevagen a tradition, too, to support brain health.


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