There’s a good chance you’re making some little mistakes without a thought.

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5 Health Mistakes

5 Health Mistakes You Didn’t Realize You Were Making

Even if you’ve set new resolutions and you have great intentions, sometimes it’s the little things that can have significant health impacts. There’s a good chance you’re making some little mistakes without a thought, but they could be causing you problems. Here’s a look at some health mistakes you may not even realize you’ve been making.

Mistake #1 – Not Getting Enough Water
It’s simple – drink at least 64 ounces of water today (although some people may need more based on weight or activity level). Unfortunately, many people still don’t get the water they need. Getting plenty of water boosts energy, improves digestion, curbs your hunger, keeps organs healthy, and helps detoxify the body. Make sure you’re drinking all day to enjoy the health benefits.

Mistake #2 – Using Electronics in Bed
Whether it’s watching television in bed, playing a game on your tablet, or texting on your phone, it’s not a healthy habit to use electronics in bed. The low-intensity blue lights from electronics can both alter and delay the body’s internal clock, disrupting sleep and making it tougher to get up the next day. Ban electronics 30-60 minutes before you sleep.

Mistake #3 – You Hit the Snooze Button
Hitting the snooze button in the morning is another big health mistake. While you may think it helps, hitting snooze means that as you drift back off, your brain begins the sleep cycle over again. Once the alarm goes off again, you’re likely in a deeper part of the sleep cycle, which means you’ll probably feel worse than the first time your alarm went off.

Mistake #4 – Sitting All Day
Sitting all day is a huge mistake, and many of us are making it. With office jobs and more time spent watching television on the sofa, many people are spending a whopping 12-15 hours a day being sedentary. What you may not realize is that sitting all day is linked to an increased risk of health issues. While exercising is important, it doesn’t make up for all that sitting. The key is to make sure you’re moving more throughout your entire day.

Mistake #5 – Poor Posture
Poor posture, like hunching over or slouching, is a big cause of back, neck, and shoulder problems. It can also cause digestive problems and headaches. Improve your posture, make sure you’re sitting upright, and you’ll improve your core flexibility and stability.


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