Laughter, it’s a universal form of communication no matter what language you speak.

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Fun Facts About Laughter

Fun Facts About Laughter

All through April, we’re celebrating National Humor Month. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve talked about the brain benefits of laughter, and last week we offered some tips for bringing laughter back into your life. Did you try any of them?

Laughter, it’s a universal form of communication no matter what language you speak. And we’ve uncovered some pretty fascinating facts about the mechanism of laughter.

Fact #1 – Laughing is More Common When You’re Around Other People – Research has found that being around other people is the most common trigger of laughter. It’s not really about jokes. Social laughter is far more common than solitary laughter.

Fact #2 – Laughter Can Take Control of Your Brain – It’s hard not to smile when someone else is laughing. This is because humor takes control of the brain. Neuroscientists have found that laughing sounds automatically activate the premotor cortical region of your brain, preparing your face muscles for smiling and laughing. So yes – laughter is catchy.

Fact #3 – Humor is Good for Relationships – Smiling and laughing together can boost your relationship, and research shows that couples who laugh together usually stay together longer.

Fact #4 – The Brain Detects Fake Laughter – Your brain is really good at trying to understand other people’s emotions, and it can tell when people are deliberately faking laughter. It immediately tries to figure out why someone is faking laughter.

Fact #5 – Laughing Makes You More Attractive – Researchers have found that people prefer potential mates who have a sense of humor. They even rate people who are laughing as more attractive.

Fact #6 – Laughing Improves Memory – Studies found that for adults in their 60s and 70s, laughing regularly actually improved their memory.

Fact #7 – There’s One Thing Nearly Guaranteed to Make You Laugh – So there’s no one joke that amuses everyone. However, some researchers have found that the best way to make people laugh is to show them clips of people who are trying not to laugh in a situation where it would be inappropriate to laugh.

Humor is such a deep topic, and we still don’t know everything about how it’s triggered in the brain and how it affects our brain and body. However, we do know that laughing offers some great benefits, and some experts even recommend that you get 15 minutes of laughter in each day.

Have you had your dose of laughter yet? Make sure you take time to laugh today. And come back next week. We’ll be taking a closer look at the importance of laughter in relationships.


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