Holiday Coffee

The Best Festive Ingredients to Add to Your Coffee

Ahhh, it’s the holiday season and the perfect time to turn your morning cuppa into a festive treat. From eggnog to warm cider, the season is all about delicious beverages. So why not take your coffee to the next level, too? We’ve got some of the best festive ingredients that’ll give your cup of joe a festive kick.

A Touch of Cinnamon
Just a touch of powdered cinnamon can take your coffee to new heights. Add a bit of cinnamon to your coffee grounds before you brew, or sprinkle a bit on top of your coffee if you’re using pods.

Peppermint Power
Add a drop or two of peppermint extract to your hot coffee for a candy cane-like flavor. Another fun idea is to crush up a candy cane and sprinkle a bit of it on top of your coffee for a festive taste and look.

Nutmeg Delight
Nutmeg offers an earthy yet sweet flavor, and it’s delicious in coffee. Add a dash to your coffee when you add the sweetener, and you’ll adore the smell it adds as you sip away.

Cocoa Powder
If you’re a chocolate fan, a bit of cocoa powder can make your coffee taste like your favorite caffe mocha. Or go for the real thing and add a square of melted dark chocolate to your cup of joe for a decadent experience.

Classic Vanilla
Whether you’re whipping up a hot or cold coffee drink, vanilla extract is an easy way to up your caffeine game. You can add some fresh vanilla to your beans when brewing or a dash of vanilla extract to your coffee once it’s brewed.

As you trim the tree, shop for gifts, or curl up by the fire, enjoy a festive cup of coffee this holiday season with one (or more) of these delicious ingredients. And while you’re having that morning cuppa, don’t forget to grab your Prevagen brain health supplement, for brain health to make your holiday just a bit brighter this year.


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