Fall Mornings

The Perfect Fall Morning Routine

A morning routine has a huge impact on the type of day you have. Now that fall has arrived, it’s the perfect time to change up your morning routine just a bit for the cooler months, so you have time to reflect and recharge before you dive into the day. Here’s our idea of the perfect fall morning routine.

Start Mindfully
Start with your fuzzy socks or slippers, get comfortable, and start your day mindfully. Think about what you want to focus on and accomplish this fall. Savor some quiet moments alone, whether you meditate, read affirmations, or write in a notebook.

Sip Something Soothing
Fall is all about warm, delicious drinks. As you’re getting started in the morning, sip something soothing. Flavored pumpkin spice coffee, hot chocolate, and tea all make delicious options to get you going in the morning

Get Your Blood Pumping
Spend some 15-30 minutes making your body move. Whether it’s a walk, doing yoga, biking, or working with weights, moving in the morning will boost your mood and productivity for the entire day.

Warm, Healthy Breakfast
Before you head out into the chilly air, make sure you have a warm, healthy breakfast. Choose foods that are wholesome and filling so you’re good until lunchtime.

Take Your Prevagen Supplement
As you start your day this fall, make sure you do something great for your brain – memory supplements in particular! Take your Prevagen supplement. It supports brain health and is shown to help with mild memory loss that’s been associated with aging.


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