Fall Outdoor Activities

4 Fall Activities That Double as Exercise

With crisp, cool mornings and lovely afternoons, fall is the perfect time to spend time getting active outdoors. Don your favorite hoodie and you’re ready to go out among the changing leaves and unique smells of autumn. The season is packed with exciting activities, and we’ve put together a few that let you enjoy this time of year while helping you get some exercise.

Apple Picking Fun
Apple trees are bent over with delicious, ripe apples during the fall. Find an orchard where you can pick your own from the tree. Picking the apples and toting them around doubles as exercise, especially since a peck of apples weighs about 10-12 pounds. Even better, you’ll have a tasty, healthy snack to enjoy on those autumn afternoons, too.

Corn Maze Walks
Corn mazes offer fun for the whole family, and you’ll get your exercise in, too. Spend time walking through the maze, and if you take a few wrong turns, you’ll likely be walking longer than you anticipated.

Raking (and Jumping in) Leaves
Those leaves need raking and you need some exercise, and really, most of us are still kids at heart. After you rake up a big pile, it’s fun to jump in them no matter your age. You’ll get your heart pumping while you’re raking, and jumping in them a couple of times is sure to put a smile on your face.

Browse a Farmers’ Market
Many farmers have a lot of great produce available this time of year and visiting a farmers’ market gives you a wonderful way to get local, healthy produce. You’ll also score some solid exercise as you walk around outside, especially if you’re lugging around all the products you purchased.

You have so many opportunities to be outdoors as the temperatures cool down, and the best fall activities turn into great exercise. Be sure to try a couple of these options this month as you celebrate fall.

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