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These 4 Daily Habits are Sabotaging Your Health

You probably know how bad smoking or eating too much fast food is for your health. Unfortunately, some daily habits can sabotage your health without you realizing it. Here are a few daily habits to eliminate from your life.

1 – Eating Before Bedtime
Maybe you love having just one more snack before you turn in, but when you eat too close to bedtime, you may end up with stomach issues that disrupt your sleep. Try to avoid eating within three to four hours of when you plan to go to bed at night.

2 – Bringing the Phone to Bed
Do you have to check your email or social media right before you go to sleep? That habit could be hurting your health. Blue light from electronic devices can throw off circadian rhythms, keeping you from getting the restful sleep you need by suppressing melatonin reproduction. Checking a smartphone before you fall asleep stimulates the brain, too. Try eliminating time with a screen 30 minutes before you hit the sheets.

3 – Too Much Sitting
Sitting too much in the day has become a bad habit that many of us engage in, especially as we’ve found ourselves at home more in the past year. Unfortunately, sedentary behaviors are linked with a greater risk of health issues. Adding in more activity each day can counter the effects of sitting too much.

4 – Snacking When You’re Not Really Hungry
There’s nothing wrong with having a healthy snack when you need it, but if you are snacking out of boredom instead of hunger, that can have health consequences. Emotional or boredom eating can cause you to consume extra calories, which leads to weight gain. Gaining too much weight can increase your risk of many different health problems. Look at food as fuel for your body instead of a form of stress reduction or entertainment.

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