If you’re going through a rough patch in your life, you may find that you’re not really laughing as often.

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Bring Laughter Back

Simple Ways to Bring Laughter Back into Your Life to Boost Brain Health

It’s National Humor Month, and last week we looked at a few of the great things laughter does for your brain and your body. To refresh your memory, it burns calories, relieves stress, improves your mood, reduces pain, and even gives your immune system a boost.

Sometimes, if you’re going through a rough patch in your life, you may find that you’re not really laughing as often. This means you’re missing out on the brain health benefits of laughter. The good news – there are plenty of great ways that you can bring laughter back into your life.

  • Train Your Brain to Laugh at Yourself – Start training your brain to see the funny side of life. When you make mistakes, learn to laugh about them. Life isn’t always peachy, but finding the humor in life can help you deal with tough moments and stress in a positive way.
  • Take Time for a Laugh Break – There’s funny material everywhere if you know where to look. Head to YouTube and search for funny videos. Check out a comedy clip on your smartphone. Or check out hilarious pet videos. Schedule in five minutes of your day to do something that’ll make you giggle.
  • Schedule a Night for Laughing – This is particularly great if you deal with a lot of stress. Pick a night of the week and make it all comedy or sit-coms so you spend the night laughing.
  • Spend Time with Kids or a Pet – Kids and pets. They both make us laugh. Start spending more time with them and you’re sure to start laughing more often.
  • Hang Out with Funny People – Skip the negative people and spend time hanging out with people who have a great sense of humor. If you don’t have any funny friends, find some new friends.
  • Have a Funny Game Night – Games like charades and apples to apples are all hilarious party-style games that are sure to have everyone laughing. And laughing in a group helps build strong relationships, too.
  • Follow Funny People on Social Media – Find a couple funny accounts on Facebook or Twitter and follow them so you get a few laughs when you look at your stream.

Start implementing these tips into your life to start enjoying all the health and brain benefits of laughter. And don’t forget to tune in next week. We’ll be sharing some fun and pretty bizarre facts about laughter. You’re going to be surprised! Until then – keep laughing.


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