Did you know that some of your favorite summer foods can improve the health of your brain?

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Summer Superfoods for Brain Health

Summer Superfoods for Your Brain

Last week we dove into some of the bad habits that could be hurting your brain health. Hopefully, you’ve been working on eliminating those bad habits from your life. Of course, while nixing bad habits is helpful, there are things you can add to your life to give your brain a boost, too. For example, food!

Did you know that some of your favorite summer foods can improve the health of your brain? We’ve put together a list of summer superfoods that aren’t just yummy – they’re also great for your brain.

1 – Broccoli
Broccoli contains sulforaphane, which studies show helps promote the growth of brain tissue. Grate broccoli into slaw for a summer coleslaw, roast it for a great side dish, mix into pasta, or eat raw and dunk into your favorite dip.

2 – Blueberries
Sometimes referred to as “brainberries,” blueberries taste like summer, and they’re great for the brain. Antioxidant-rich flavonoids found in blueberries can improve short-term memory. Put them in yogurt, bake them in muffins, toss them into cereal, or eat them as a healthy, yummy snack.

3 – Avocados
There’s nothing like some good guacamole at a summer picnic or barbecue, and avocados don’t just taste like summer – they’re great for brain health. Packed with vitamin C, vitamin B, folate, vitamin K, and healthy monounsaturated fats, they help promote improved memory and concentration.

4 – Spinach
Spinach is high in potassium, making it excellent for brain health. The potassium can help recall and thinking abilities. Add spinach to sandwiches or toss in a salad.

5 – Grapes
Grapes are tangy, sweet, and full of antioxidants that offer many health benefits. Eating them regularly can improve memory and attention. Add them to smoothies, salads, or snack on them frozen or fresh.

6 – Beets
Beets are packed with nitrates, which offer a natural way to get more nitric oxide into your body. This helps keep blood flow levels to your brain healthy. Studies show beets stimulate activity in your frontal cortex, the area of the brain where decision making and other high-level cognitive processes take place. Add them to salads or try them pickled for a tasty snack.

Add these tasty summer superfoods to your next summer gathering. They’re sure to be a big hit, and you’ll be doing your brain a favor. Stay tuned. Next week we’ll be investigating some of the best drinks for better brain health.


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