The weather is turning colder, and it’s time for football, tailgating, and cozy get-togethers with friends.

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Fall Get-togethers

4 Health Mistakes You’re Making at Your Fall Get-Togethers

The weather is turning colder, and it’s time for football, tailgating, and cozy get-togethers with friends. But along with the pleasant autumn weather comes some common health pitfalls that many people make. Make these mistakes, and you’ll end up packing on some extra pounds during the cooler months.

Here’s a look at some of the big health mistakes you’re likely making at your fall get-togethers, as well as some great tips for making them a bit healthier.

Choosing the Wrong Tailgating Foods
Whether you’re tailgating at college or pro games, it’s one of the best parts about football season. The problem with tailgating is that it’s easy to choose the wrong foods like mayo-heavy potato and pasta salads, fat-packed hotdogs, and chips.

Instead of choosing unhealthy fare, go for baked chicken strips, make lighter coleslaw or pasta dishes that are light on the mayo. Add plenty of veggie dishes, such as veggie quesadillas or a big veggie tray to keep fare lighter.

Overindulging on Football Snacks
Even if you’re not tailgating, partying with friends in front of the TV as you watch football all day Sunday can lead to overindulging on football snacks. One of the best things you can do is make sure you serve up healthier snacks. However, it’s also important to be aware of how much you’re eating. Make sure you’re not snacking all day long as you enjoy the afternoon and evening games.

Skipping the Outdoor Exercise as the Weather Cools
With cooler weather, you may be moving your get-togethers indoors. One of the significant health mistakes that come with fall get-togethers is failing to get outdoors and get some exercise. Instead of spending all the time lounging around chatting with the TV on, get outdoors, play some touch football, play lawn croquet, or find another fun activity to add to your get-together to get everyone moving.

Having One Drink Too Many
Thursday night football comes along, it’s almost Friday, and it’s a little too easy to overdo it on those adult beverages. While a drink or two is okay, overindulging in alcohol can have serious health consequences. Stick to just one or two drinks or enjoy a ‘mocktail’ to get the flavor you love without the alcohol.

Don’t make these big mistakes at your fall get-togethers. Make healthier choices. Your brain and your body will thank you! Stay tuned. Next week we’ll be back with some great steps to make your mornings more productive.


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