It’s not just food that’s great for your brain – some drinks can offer significant brain benefits, too.

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Top Drinks

Drink Your Way to Better Brain Health

Last week we dug into some of the best summer superfoods for brain health. Have you been adding them to your summer picnics and barbecues? Well, it’s not just food that’s great for your brain – some drinks can offer significant brain benefits, too.

1 – Water
Your brain happens to be 75% water. This means that water is the most important beverage you can consume for brain health. Staying hydrated keeps your brain working at its highest potential. Hydration helps your brain work faster, boosts concentration, balances your mood, and can even improve your memory. Make it tastier this summer by adding a bit of lemon, lime, or your other favorite fruits to a glass of ice water.

2 – Green Tea
The caffeine found in green tea benefits memory, performance, focus, and alertness. Green tea also contains an amino acid known as L-Theanine, which promotes relaxation and counteracts the stimulant effects of the caffeine.

3 – Coffee
Like green tea, coffee contains caffeine, which can improve concentration and increase alertness. The caffeine may also boost those feel-good neurotransmitters within the brain, improving your mood. The high level of antioxidants in this drink may reduce your risk of some age-related memory concerns.

4 – Red Wine
Most people know that red wine improves heart health, but drinking a glass a day could also help boost your brain health. Researchers have found that a daily glass of red wine can increase good cholesterol. You can supercharge the benefits of red wine by making your own sangria, adding plenty of fresh fruit to add extra nutrients and antioxidants to the delicious drink.

5 – Almond Milk
Almond milk offers several health benefits – it’s known for promoting healthy bones and heart health – but it’s great for the brain, too. It contains L-carnitine and riboflavin, which both help boost brain activity. It may also help prevent age-related memory concerns.

Drink to your brain health by consuming more of these drinks all year long. Be sure to check back next week – we have a whole new series of great articles coming packed with brain healthy tips and ideas.


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