Brain Basics

Brain Health Basics: How You Can Live Your Healthiest Life

As you age, changes to the brain and body are normal. While mental decline often occurs, it’s not inevitable. You can take steps to boost brain health and slow age-related mental decline. Here’s a look at some basic brain health tips to start following so you can live your healthiest life in 2021.

Move, Move, Move
If you’re not exercising regularly, start moving to boost your brain health and overall health. Regular physical activity decreases your risk of mental decline as you age, likely due to increased blood flow to the brain that occurs when you exercise. Exercise also helps counter the natural reduction in brain connections that occurs with age. Shoot for at least 150 minutes of activity each week, whether it’s swimming, walking, or another favorite activity.

Follow a Mediterranean Diet
The Mediterranean diet has been shown to boost brain health, reducing mental decline, and offering additional health benefits. The Mediterranean diet emphasizes eating healthy fats, fish, and plant-based foods. Extra-virgin olive oil and other healthy fats used in the diet can increase mental focus, too.

Get Enough Shut-Eye
Yes, sleep is key to your brain health, too. Your brain is able to consolidate your memories, boosting brain health, and overall memory. Getting seven to eight hours of sleep at night gives your brain the time it needs to consolidate and store memories.

Exercise Your Brain, Too
It’s not enough to exercise your body; you also need to keep your brain active. It’s just like a muscle – you’ve got to use it. Playing cards, doing crossword puzzles, or learning something new can help you keep the brain in shape. Reading also gives the brain a good workout.

Get Social
Stress has both been found to contribute to memory loss, but social interaction can help. Connecting with loved ones and friends can reduce stress, boosting brain health. Research shows solitary confinement can negatively affect health, so try to stay connected!

Along with these tips, don’t forget to take your Prevagen supplement daily, too. It’s pharmacist-recommended and offers an easy way to boost brain health and memory.


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