Ready to boost your brain health? We’ve put together some fun sports you’ll want to try this spring and summer.

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Boost Brain Health by Trying One of These Sports This Spring and Summer

Last week we delved into sports and how they affect your brain. Playing sports offers great benefits, from boosting blood flow to improving brain function.

Now that the weather is warmer, it’s the perfect time to think about trying a sport yourself. It’s National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, which means it’s the ideal time to get out there and give something new a try.

Ready to boost your brain health? We’ve put together some fun sports you’ll want to try this spring and summer.

Grab your tennis rackets, some tennis balls, and head out to the courts. Find a friend or friends to play with you for some friendly competition. Remember, getting social is one of the significant benefits of playing a sport.

Swimming is a great way to get more active, and you can swim for fun or competitively. It’s a lot of fun, and as the weather heats up, you’ll enjoy those moments spent in the pool.

Baseball, considered America’s favorite pastime, is a lot of fun to watch and pretty exciting to play. Many areas have local baseball and softball teams that you can join. You’ll get more active, and you’ll have fun making new friends, too.

Beach Volleyball
It’s nearly beach season, and a great way to get some activity at the beach is by playing some beach volleyball. Play for fun with friends or join a competitive team that helps you build teamwork and focus.

Golf not only works the muscles in your legs, core, back, and shoulders, but it also gives your brain a good workout. It requires a lot of focus to plan out your next shot as you play. Get a group of friends together and head out to the greens for some fun and activity that will give your brain a boost.

Try one of these exciting sports this spring and summer or pick another favorite you love. Don’t forget to share your experience. We love hearing from you.

Check back in next week! We’ll offer some ideas for increasing your activity level so you can boost your brain health. Because even if you can’t get involved in sports, there are still ways to get active and enjoy the excellent brain benefits.


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