Spices for Brain Health

The Best Herbs and Spices for Brain Health

Herbs and spices offer a delicious way to enhance the flavor in your favorite dishes without adding many calories, but they also offer some great brain benefits. Many herbs and spices boost brain health, sharpen our memory, and help age-related mental decline. Here are a few you should be adding to your favorite dishes.

Turmeric is what gives curry its color, and this spice has a lot to offer your brain. Curcumin is a compound found in turmeric that’s linked to helping brain cells repair themselves. Add it to your diet by sprinkling it on veggies, chicken, or fish.

Sage doesn’t just offer great flavor to foods, but it’s been shown to help boost memory within hours after taking it in studies. Adding sage to your diet may help boost attention, memory, and learning. Just avoid taking a sage supplement without speaking to your physician.

Cinnamon doesn’t just taste great, but it’s packed with antioxidants that can help your brain stay more alert. Studies have shown it can actually increase cognitive function, even if you just smell it. To enjoy the benefits, just sprinkling some in your oatmeal, in coffee, or on toast is enough to provide that boost.

Black Pepper
Nearly everyone has black pepper in their kitchen, and it offers some great brain benefits, too. Eating black pepper may help improve brain function, and it’s great for pairing with other healthy spices and herbs.

Peppermint, often served up in the form of tea, boosts cognitive function and memory. It especially works well on long-term memory and even boosts alertness. Grab a cup of peppermint tea or add a bit to salads or sweet dishes to reap the benefits.

Along with adding more herbs and spices to your diet, make sure you take your Prevagen supplement daily. It is shown to boost memory and brain health, and it’s pharmacist recommended.


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