Spend Time Outside

5 Reasons to Spend More Time Outside

How much time do you spend outdoors? Getting outdoors offers some great physical and mental health benefits. Whether it’s riding a bike on nearby trails, going to a local park to play, or taking a walk outdoors, spending some time outside is important. Here are a few reasons you need to take more time to enjoy the great outdoors.

Reduce Stress
Simply being outdoors helps reduce the physical expression of stress. Studies show that spending time in the forest can lower stress hormone levels. Even viewing nature out a window can lower stress levels, so at least look for a nature view when you’re not able to get outside right away.

Restore Mental Energy
Have you ever felt like your brain just wouldn’t work? It’s known as mental fatigue. Restore your mental energy by going outside. Even looking at pictures of nature is enough to boost mental energy, and you really see the results when you spend some time in nature.

Enhance Memory
Multiple studies show that getting outdoors and taking a walk in nature can offer memory-promoting benefits. Walking outside in nature also helps boost mood. Don’t just walk down a city street, but aim to take a walk where there are trees to reap the benefits.

Improve Focus
Natural environments offer restorative benefits to the mind and can even improve focus. One study found that after taking a nature walk, people were better able to focus on a proofreading task and complete it with greater accuracy.

Boost Creativity
Finding it difficult to tap into your creativity? Spending time outdoors in nature offers a way to improve cognitive functioning and boost creativity and creative problem-solving. Next time you can’t find the inspiration you need to complete a task, get outside for a bit.

Being outdoors offers so many exciting health and brain benefits, and just taking time to get a bit of time in nature each day can make a huge difference. Along with making it a priority to get outside, be sure to take your Prevagen supplement to improve memory and boost overall brain health.


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