It turns out there are some big brain benefits to spending time at the beach.

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Benefits of the Beach on Your Brain

The Benefits of the Beach on Your Brain

Last week we dove into the exciting brain benefits of camping. We hope that inspired you to grab your gear and spend some time in the great outdoors. This week, there’s another summer activity we want to investigate – going to the beach!

Nothing is quite as synonymous with summer as a day with the sun, sand, and surf. Whether you take a week off to hang out at the seashore, or you head to your local beach each weekend to relax, it’s great for your body and your brain.

Does the feel of that warm sand, the smell of the water, and the sound of ocean waves make you feel like you’re in your happy place? Well, it turns out there are some big brain benefits to spending time at the beach.

First, simply looking at the ocean affects your brain. The blue water can change the frequency of your brain waves, putting you into a mild meditative state. Some studies even show that all the blue can boost creativity.

Even the smell of the ocean contributes to a calmed, soothed state. It’s believed that the negative ions in the air boost your mood and calm the brain.

Of course, fresh air and sunshine that you enjoy at the beach helps increase serotonin in your body. And this hormone not only boosts relaxation, but it also makes you feel happy.

While studies show benefits of living near the beach, you don’t have to live there to enjoy the brain benefits. Just a trip to the ocean can offer significant benefits. Make sure you take advantage of your time when you’re at the seaside by practicing mindfulness.

This means putting aside your technology while you’re dipping your toes in the sand and the water. Spend some time kicking back with your eyes closed listening to the ocean waves rolling in. Pay attention to all your senses, focusing on how you feel, the smells around you, what you see, and what you hear.

If you’ve wanted to plan a trip to the beach this summer – here’s your excuse. Start planning, pick a great beach, and pack the sunscreen. Your brain will thank you!


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