Discover some of the best ways you can keep your brain in shape and enjoy big brain health benefits.

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Ways to get moving

7 Ways to Keep Your Brain in Shape

We all know how important it is to keep our bodies in shape. But we also can take measures to keep the brain in shape. The old saying, “use it or lose it,” proves true when it comes to your brain. You have to keep using it and exercising it to improve brain health. Here are seven easy ways you can keep your brain in great shape.

1 – Give Your Brain a Challenge
Mentally challenging activities helps reduce the risk of age-related mental loss. Try challenging your brain with crossword puzzles, board games, reading, Sudoku, trivia games, or word searches.

2 – Move More
Exercise isn’t just great for building muscle. It boosts blood and oxygen flow to the brain, encouraging the growth of new cells. Whether it’s a walk, run, or yoga, moving more gets your body and brain in shape.

3 – Switch Up Your Rout
The same old daily routine allows your brain to operate on auto-pilot. Switch up your routine to challenge your brain, keep it awake, and build new pathways in the brain.

4 – Eat Brain-Boosting Foods
Yes, it’s true, your brain is what you eat. Foods that have a positive impact on brain function include veggies and fruits with powerful antioxidants and foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids, such as cold-water fish.

5 – Turn Up the Tunes
Want to keep your brain in shape? Turning up the tunes and enjoying music stimulates your brain. Research shows it can lower anxiety, improve your sleep, boost memory, improve mood, and even give your memory a boost.

6 – Dance it Out
Dancing lowers the risk of age-related memory concerns, as well. Spend a couple times a week dancing to work out the brain and your body. It’s a great way to get social, too, which also benefits brain health.

7 – Meditate
Researchers have discovered that meditation and prayer both help slow cognitive aging and may even increase your brain size. Quiet your mind for a few moments a day and you’ll reap big brain benefits.

Try adding one or more of these ideas to your life this month for big brain benefits. And make the memory supplement, Prevagen, a part of your daily routine, too, as you work to keep your brain in shape.


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