Wellness goes beyond just physical health. Learn more about what you need in your life for overall wellbeing.

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6 Essential Wellness Goals

6 Goals of Wellness

There’s a lot more to wellness than just focusing on physical health. While you want to set goals that will result in being healthier, there’s more to wellness than just the outside appearance. Total wellness involves the body, mind, and spirit. The goal of any wellness program you create for yourself should be to adopt and maintain behaviors that are healthy for your entire being. To help you out, here are six wellness goals to add to your life this summer and throughout the year.

1 – Activity
One of your wellness goals should be including more activity in your life, and this doesn’t just mean exercise. People think of exercise and they instantly think of hitting the gym. But activity goals go beyond that daily 30-minute workout to finding ways to be active that are enjoyable so it becomes a permanent part of your life.

2 – Healthy Eating
Eating healthy doesn’t mean going on a strict diet. Instead, one of your wellness goals should be to adopt healthy eating practices like moderation and making small improvements. This can mean adding more vegetables and fruits, incorporating whole grains, and choosing leaner meats. Remember, the goal is to fuel your body for better health.

3 – Socializing
Socializing is critical to total wellness, and particularly during this challenging pandemic, we need to take measures to ensure we’re getting enough social time. While many areas are beginning to open up, even if you can’t get out, try adding video calls, phone calls, and other types of communication to your life daily. Group video chats, which are available on Facebook, Zoom, and other channels are a great way to socialize these days.

4 – Helping/Volunteering
Helping others and volunteering not only benefits others, but it also benefits you. Volunteering keeps you connected with your community and allows you to make a real difference, and you’ll make new contacts and friends along the way. It’s also good for your mind and body, countering the effects of anxiety and stress, combating depression, giving you a sense of purpose, and improving your self-confidence.

5 – Technology Break
Sometimes the constant use of technology, whether it’s a computer, phone, or television, can leave you feeling anxious. Try taking a technology break once a week or once a month so you can unplug your brain. Your brain needs time away from electronics for better brain health.

6 – Focusing on Your Own Needs
Along the way, don’t forget to focus on your own needs. It’s easy to focus all your attention and energy on those around you, but part of overall wellness is taking care of yourself, too. Make sure you stay aware of your own health and mental needs and focus on them.

If you aim to reach these 6 goals of wellness, along with taking a brain supplement, like Prevagen, you will reach your peak wellness!


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