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5 Junk Foods Disguised as Health Foods

Many people work hard to eat a diet that’s healthy for their brain and their body. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to make healthy choices with companies working to disguises foods as a healthy option, even when they’re not. Don’t be fooled by healthy-sounding claims. Check out these five junk foods commonly disguised as health foods and see whether you’ve been eating any of these diet-busters.

1 – Protein or Nutrition Bars
All those protein and nutrition bars you see at grocery stores aren’t much better than candy bars that contain some protein. They can contain as many as 350 calories with a significant amount of sugar and fat. A better choice is some healthy nuts and a glass of low-fat milk.

2 – Smoothies
Smoothies taste great, but along with blending up fruit, most of them contain tons of added sugars in the forms of agave, dates, juice, and frozen yogurt. You’ll especially want to avoid most smoothies sold at smoothie bars or pre-packaged in stores. Try making your own with one serving of fruit, some low-fat milk or unsweetened almond milk, a bit of vanilla, and some greens for a nutrient-packed drink.

3 – Low-Fat and Fat-Free Packaged Foods
When you’re looking for healthy snack foods, skip the low-fat and fat-free packaged products. Taking out the fat means foods don’t taste as good, and manufacturers often add a lot of sugar or salt to these products to improve their taste. Don’t be fooled by those low-fat and fat-free labels; these processed foods aren’t a healthy choice.

4 – Granola
For some reason, most people think of granola as a health food. But it’s actually packed with sugar and calories. Some brands have 600 calories in a single cup. If you do buy granola, check the label and look for options low in calories and sugar.

5 – Fruit and Veggie Chips
While fruit and veggie chips sound like a healthier option than potato chips, they’re fat, sugar, and calorie count isn’t much better. And look at the ingredients label on those veggie chips. There’s not really a lot of veggies in many of them.

Not everything that’s healthy really is, so make sure you really know what you’re putting in your body. One good thing you can do for your body daily is to take the brain supplement Prevagen. It’s the number one pharmacy recommended memory support brand!


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