If you’re making these mistakes, it’s time to make a few changes for your brain’s sake.

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Bad Habits

Avoid These 5 Harmful Habits for Brain Health

Last week we had fun talking about how to pack a brain-healthy picnic. We hope you got out there and enjoyed some picnicking with friends.

This week, we want to talk about something a little different – bad habits. Everyday habits that may seem to have no connection to your brain can have negative effects. If you’re making these mistakes, it’s time to make a few changes for your brain’s sake.

Harmful Habit #1 – Not Getting Enough Shuteye
Skimping on sleep? It can take a toll on your brain. Your brain needs sleep. When you’re sleep deprived, you’ll find your brain feels foggy, and it’s challenging to function mentally. Finding it tough to get enough sleep? Try avoiding electronics, caffeine, and alcohol in the evening. A soothing bedtime ritual can help, too.

Harmful Habit #2 – Consuming Too Much Sugar
Diets high in added sugars reduce the production of important brain chemicals. This makes it more difficult to learn and form new memories. Ditch the sugar habit and turn to healthier choices when you want something sweet. Reach for a piece of fresh fruit!

Harmful Habit #3 – Smoking
Studies show that smoking can shrink the brain – that’s not a good thing! It can increase your risk of age-related memory concerns. Not to mention it’s linked to a variety of other health conditions.

Harmful Habit #4 – Overeating
When you eat too much, it can make your brain addicted to food. More overeating leads to weight gain. Studies show that excess fat in the body can play a role in reducing your brain’s size. Avoid overeating and stick to healthy portion sizes.

Harmful Habit #5 – Spending Too Much Time on the Couch
Spending too much time on the couch binging on Netflix is bad for your brain. The longer you go without getting active, the more likely you are to experience memory concerns. Exercising boosts brain health, so get off the couch more often and take a walk or spend some time gardening.

Don’t let your brain pay the price for your bad habits. Start taking steps to kick these bad habits to keep your brain happy and healthy. And stay tuned. We’ll be back next week with some great summer superfoods that will give your brain a boost.


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