Discover some fun, exciting facts about your brain and how powerful it is that you probably didn’t know before.

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Fun Facts About Your Brain

5 Fun Facts About Your Brain

Your brain is a complex organ that’s responsible for most of the functions within the body. Made up of billions of nerve cells, it’s probably one of the most fascinating organs you have, and it’s critical to keep the brain active and healthy. Here’s a closer look at some pretty exciting facts about your brain you may not know.

Fact #1 – You Actually Use All of Your Brain
Maybe you’ve heard that people only use 10% of their brain. It’s not true. You use all of your brain, and it’s always active, even when you’re asleep.

Fact #2 – Sixty Percent of Your Brain is Made of Fat
Yes, that’s a whopping 60% of your brain that’s made up of fat. It’s the fattiest organ in your body, which means those fatty acids are essential for brain health and performance. Be sure you’re fueling your brain with nutrients that boost brain health, such as taking a supplement like Prevagen.

Fact #3 – Your Brain Can Generate Around 23 Watts of Power
Your brain is pretty powerful. It can generate around 23 watts of power, which is enough to power a regular light bulb. This power means your brain needs rest sometimes, and sleep helps you maintain pathways within the brain.

Fact #4 – Information Can Travel in the Brain at Speeds of Up to 268mph
Electrical impulses are generated when neurons are stimulated, and those impulses travel from cell to cell. What’s amazing is how fast the impulses travel. They can reach speeds of up to 268 mph.

Fact #5 – Size Really Doesn’t Matter
On average, a human brain weighs around three pounds, and men are known to have larger brains than women do. However, researchers have discovered that size doesn’t matter and the size of the brain isn’t related to intelligence.

Your brain is amazing, and it has a huge job on its hands running your entire body. Make sure you’re taking care of it by boosting brain health with proper nutrition, exercise, and quality memory pills like Prevagen.


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